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Royce Reed Blames Females For Being “Negative”

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I ran across this article above while visiting Sister 2 Sister Magazine website and it made me upset after I finished reading the article because of what was said by Royce Reed of the TV “Basketball Wifes”

Reed had the nerve to put the blame on other females for being “negative” The is crazy because if you watch the show you notice she is just as guilty as the rest of the motor mouth sistas on the program. Always cussing and being negative.

Reed needs to look in the mirror at herself before she goes off on other African American females. She gets in big fights with the other females all the time. Is it others fault all the time for fighting and not Royce Reed? Hell no! She cannot blame others. She just cannot.

To me in my opinion the program “Basketball Wife’s” is terrible. It shows black ladies at it’s worst. TERRIBLE language every sentence. Fighting etc. Sad to say a lot of white viewers think that is the way African Americans act all the time.

So I think Ms. Reed needs to chill out in blaming others. She is just as guilty as the rest.    Gordon Curvey

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