Views On The TERRIBLE Trump/Putin Summit In Helsinki, Finland

Trump_Putin_Summit_95421-780x520“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Here is my views on the summit that has Democrats and Republicans very upset at Donald Trump. Trump met with Russian President Putin in Helsinki, Finland the other day and again kissed up to Putin. His comments has left most folks bewildered and confused. I also have feelings on why Trump continues to blast former President Barack Obama time and time again. Let me say again…time and time again!

First of all I am outraged that Trump is the President of the United States. As President Obama and Mrs. Clinton and former First Lady Michelle Obama said, Donald Trump is UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT!! Since he has moved into the W.H. this point has been proven.

Trump is a businessman and is NOT a politician. This has been proven time and time again. He knows NOTHING about being the most powerful person in the world. Nothing ladies and gentlemen!

Remember he got elected even after a tape came out where he said he liked to “grab ladies by their p…y” People STILL voted for Trump because they were tired of seeing the first African American President in Prez Obama. They voted for a businessman and a man who can care less about the African American community and other minority communities.

Trump won despite getting beat by a whopping three million in the popular vote count. Every time I see this dude as a so called President it makes me want to throw up or grab for some Tums!!

And since Trump has been a so called President, EVERY  chance he gets he blasts President Obama. A man with class and dignity and a man who left the White House with a great 60% approval rating! In my opinion Trump is jealous of President Obama because Prez Obama is a GREAT GREAT speaker who can hold a audience in the palm of his hands. Trump is the worse speaker EVER or the worse I have seen.

Plus Trump to this day STILL thinks President Obama was born in Kenya. These are facts!! Trump HATES President Obama. WHY a year and half since he has been elected is Trump bashing President Obama AND Mrs. Clinton almost on a daily basis?

putingetting off planeDonald Trump has proven he has a huge problem with African Americans and people of color and he has problems with African American ladies with strong voices like April Ryan, Maxine Waters and Jemele Hill and others.

The question readers are why? And look at Trumps cabinet. When Trump has a cabinet meeting their are ZERO black faces in sight!! Is this a reflection of America? I say no.

Let’s move on this summit with Putin. Donald Trump kissing up to Putin in the past and in Helsinki is a complete outrage!! Trump held a meeting in Finland with Putin with only Trump and Putin and translators. We the public do not have a CLUE as to what those two men discussed behind closed doors. Was their notes taken? We do not know. Trump should not have held that meeting. PERIOD! A meeting with no witnesses. Just flat out wrong folks!!

Putin rather you like him or not is a VERY experienced politician. He is a former KGP agent in Russia too. Putin ran the meeting with Trump and hell he even flew into Helsinki late so it can be right for the Russian TV stations/media to air his arrival etc on their nightly news broadcasts.

Mr. Trump bashed his OWN COUNTRY in his comments at the press conference. This is UNFORGIVABLE!!  This is and was flat out WRONG on the part of Trump. Trump has attacked the leaders of Canada, Germany and England in the last month and now he goes to Finland and kisses up the Putin. Words cannot explain how WRONG Trump was. Republicans and Democrats have spoken up against Trump.

Damage has been done by Trump that cannot be taken back. CANNOT! For sure after the press conference Putin got on his plane with a huge smile on his face and most likely popped open some champagne and he and his followers on the trip held a small party on the jet!! Putin played Trump like a puppet. Trump looked like a fool and acted like a fool!! Trump embarrassed the United States of America!! He truly truly did.

Again ladies and gentlemen WHAT did Trump and Putin talk about behind closed doors? We need to know. We will most likely never find out sorry to say but we need to know. Did Trump continue to blast his own country in the meeting? Did he use the stupid “witch hunt” term in his Putin meeting? Most likely he did. Trump needs to STOP using this ridiculous term “witch hunt”. Will he stop using the term? NO!!

This dude Trump CANNOT hold a press conference without blasting President Obama and Mrs. Clinton and himself winning the election and it is just AMAZING!! Readers it is a fact and Putin said this to be true and that is Putin wanted Trump to win the election. Putin did not get along with President Obama or Mrs. Clinton. But he has found a soft target in Trump. And this is very very dangerous. Because as I said, Trump is not a politician and Putin maybe a lot of things but he is not a dummy. In my opinion Trump is.

Maybe the problem is Trumps hairpiece might be too tight on his head? That might be the problem? Ladies and gentlemen just think if President Barack Obama did or said the crap Donald Trump has said or done since he has been elected. PREZ OBAMA WOULD BE IMPEACHED ALREADY AND THAT IS FOR SURE!!

Putin played Trump like a fiddle and so did the President of North Korea. This is very very sad and very very wrong. What does Putin have in his “bag” against Trump? Something strange is going on. Why does Trump continue to treat Putin with KIDS GLOVES!! But in the meantime blasts the PM of Britain and Canada and Germany and others. Putin will not say ANYTHING negative about Putin. WHY??

How can Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders and other Trump puppets try to explain Trumps crazy actions in Finland? They just cannot and they might as well give up before they start. Trump has dug a deep hole that many think he cannot get himself out of. He just cannot!!

I am watching supporters of Trump while not using his name making comments about Trumps stupidity while in Finland. Even some of the puppets on Fox News are blasting Trump. BUT NOT SEAN HANNITY!! SEAN HANNITY WILL NEVER BLAST HIS BUDDY TRUMP!! I do not think that will never happen.

And where is the negro puppet of Trump Paris Denard? Have not seen him on CNN lately. THANK GOD FOR THAT!! Because Paris Denard is a embarrassment to the African American community. Shout out to a person I have known since she was born Angela Rye!! Her family lived right around the corner from me here in Seattle’s Madrona area. She does a GREAT job when she is on CNN, unlike the puppet Denard!!

It is beyond me how ANYONE can support Trump after his outrageous press conference in Helsinki!! If they will continue to support this so called President they along with Trump need a mental examination IMMEDIATELY!!

It is time for the Republican leaders IE Paul Ryan and others to USE TRUMPS NAME and let all of us know that they will not suck up to Trump anymore. Enough is enough. It is time for the covers to come off of Donald J. Trump. His actions in Finland is icing on a big ole cake. Trump has all of the world laughing at America. We are being led by a man who is UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES JUST LIKE MRS. CLINTON AND PRESIDENT AND MRS. OBAMA AND VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN SAID LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!

But here is something positive. I happen to like the First Lady. She is a dignified lady who dresses very well. Why is she with a man like Donald Trump? Most be the money!!





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