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Diddy Buys His Son a $360,000 Car For His Birthday

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I guess it is great to have a daddy that is rich as hell if you are a young fella named Bashir because you can get great and very expensive gifts for Xmas and birthdays etc.

Case in point, the 16 year old son a businessman/entertainer/actor Diddy was bought a $360,000 car by his daddy. Man what a gift.

In my opinion this is a wrong move by Diddy. With people struggling trying to pay their bills and trying to put food food on the table and gas in their cars, Diddy buys his son a $360,000 car. I also think he bought his son a very big gift for another occasion.

Truth be told, a lot of kids of famous and rich parents have severe problems when they get older like drugs and alcohol. If you keep up with this topic you know I am telling the truth.

It is Diddy’s money but why would he buy his son such a big car? Why? HE IS ONLY 16 YEARS OLD FOLKS!!! LET ME REPEAT, HE IS ONLY 16 YEARS OLD. I am having a big problem with this readers.

Does Diddy realize we are in a recession? Yo Diddy wake up dude can down to earth with the rest of us dude. Giving your 16 year old son a $360,000 just does not look right. It just does not.

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