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“Sports Inner City Radio: Off The Court” Podcasts Will Talk College & NBA and WNBA News & Views Unlike Local Sports Radio In Seattle!

“Sports Inner City Radio: Off The Court” Podcasts Will Talk College & NBA and WNBA News & Views Unlike Local Sports Radio In Seattle!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Hope everyone is doing well. I am doing the best I can. As I get older, my health is telling me to please go the doctor or check in via my chart with my doctor. I have a few friends who did not go to the doctor like they should and now are having tremendous health problems sorry to say.

Anyway I love the sport of basketball. I am a basketball freak. I can watch a high school or college or NBA or WNBA game. I am really into watching ladies college hoops but for sure I can watch a WNBA game.

Here in Seattle, sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN do little to zero basketball talk, No news or issues or daily scores. It is flat out SHOCKING!!

One morning host on 710 ESPN HATES the game of basketball. I was listening to this fella when he used to fill in on the national radio broadcasts on ESPN. And one night he basically told the listening audience that he dislikes the NBA. Again, SHOCKING!!

So if you listening to his morning program, he has proven his point. He does not talk AT ALL about the game of basketball. It is Mariners or MLB or the Kraken/NHL or the Seahawks/NFL.

No news and views from our Seattle Storm or UW Huskies or NBA scores or stories. NOTHING what so ever! This is a severe problem if you are a love the game of basketball. You will learn nothing about the game if you listen to local sports radio. Little to nothing.

As I have said, just because our Sonics are not in Seattle is no reason for local sports radio to basically do little to zero talk about the game of hoops.

In the past two weeks the Seattle Storm of the WNBA made two HUGE pickups to join All Star Jewell Lloyd on the team. They now have two more big stars to help Lloyd, Skylar Diggins-Smith and Nneka Ogwumike (story) For sure this is a huge hoops story.

But because local sports radio talks little to zero hoops discussions, it was hardly discussed here in Seattle. This is truly truly wrong ladies and gentlemen. Also the NBA trade deadline was this week.

Was it discussed on local sports radio? Here is the answer, no!! So a hoops junky like myself has to go on online to or go NBA TV to find out what is going on as far as trades etc. Also on ESPN and Yahoo Sports and others.

So as a hoops junky, I have to produce my “SPORTS INNER CITY RADIO: OFF THE COURT” podcasts 24-7 on demand here on my website. Just click the “podcast” link at the top.

Yes, I will discuss news and views from the game of basketball!! PLUS play classic soul and classic hip-hop and interviews from my sports and music programs. One thing for sure, there is ALWAYS something going on in the game hoops!!

This is why you see current and ex hoop stars doing commercials on TV like Barkley and Dame DOLLA aka Damian Lillard, Shaq, Reggie Miller, Lebron, Curry, Kareem, MJ, KG, Melo, Leonard, PG and others doing commercials. Do not see ANY current MLB players doing commercials for sure. Plenty of current/ex NFL players.

So please spread the word about my basketball podcasts!! And don’t forget to watch “SPORTS INNER CITY TV/AFTER GAME” webcasts right here too!! Topics from the NFL and MLB and more sports like Formula One and event tennis. People of color in the sports world. Plus listen to “Music Inner City Radio-Sports Inner City Radio” LIVE stream 24-7!! Playing classic soul and classic hip-hop plus interviews and more!!

Thanks everyone!!



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