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Why Does Other Races Have Unity In Their Community But Not African Americans In Seattle

Why Does Other Races Have Unity In Their Community But Not African Americans In Seattle

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Hello everyone and thanks for reading this article. My thoughts on the lack of unity in the African American community of my hometown of Seattle, Washington.

I have looked at the Central Area and Rainier Valley and Beacon Hill turn into areas where their is lack of African American owned businesses.

The question is why? There is ZERO African American owned mom and pop stores in the Central Area or Rainier Beach or Beacon Hill area.

For sure their used to be plenty of mom and pop stores in the community but not any more. They are owned by Asians or folks from India or Turkey or East or West Africa. The question again is why ladies and gentlemen?

It is shocking if you are person like myself. Because I was brought up in the Madrona area of Seattle and there was plenty of places to go and hang out and play pool or have a drink or have a soul food dinner and dance etc. Not anymore for the African American community.

Yes, there is not a African American community anymore in Seattle. It is basically about “I gotta get mine, you get yours.” Check this out readers. In the Rainier Valley and Central Area and Beacon Hill here in Seattle, their is PLENTY of small malls full of businesses.

Asian owned, East and West African owned, Filipino owned, Native American owned. Basically ZERO African American owned small malls. ZERO.

In my business of media, there are followers. Not trying to brag but I have been broadcasting for more than 32 years. I am a OG. Media like Converge Media and Rainier Ave Radio and this fella Mazvita are followers of my media “Music Inner City TV” and “Sports Inner City TV.”

I can also name another person but I will not here. Converge Media and Rainier Ave Radio have a whole bunch of “programs.” None of which have asked me to be a guest to discuss my MANY MANY legends I have met and interviewed. Truthfully, it is shocking. BUT then again, this is Seattle, Washington ladies and gentlemen.

I gotta get mine, you get yours when it comes to African Americans in the Seattle area. The disrespect I obtain from the producer of Converge Media and Rainier Ave Radio is shocking.

The producer of Rainier Ave Radio said my media is not important. Like his is!! Give me a break ladies and gentlemen. Converge Media won a local Emmy Award. They won it because they had ZERO competition. I have not dealt with the local Emmy organization at all. Winning the local Emmy was a joke.

But Converge Media has bragged about getting the Emmy. Others have told me to just “do me” and that is what I am trying to do.

Thanks god, I have brought in a big time upgrade of my studio camera and field camera. With new Blackmagic cameras. Plus new wireless microphones and more improvements to come. New look of my media will start soon.

It will improve the look of my main Comcast Xfinity On Demand/Xfinity X1 main programs as well as my “Sports Inner City TV” webcasts.

Also my “Sports Inner City Radio” podcasts will be sounding much better too. I am really excited about the improvements like I said that will start soon. Yes others like Converge Media and Rainier Ave Radio have a team of folks in place.

Good for them. God willing soon so will I. In the meantime, with god’s help I will get the job done for my audience here in the area and worldwide.

Seattle/Tacoma area is HATER COUNTRY!! I know people who said “f” this area and the lack of unity in the African American so called community. They packed up and bailed out of here and I cannot blame the folks who did. Real talk!!

Shout out to folks like the legendary Frank P. Burrow, Cleve Tieson, Craig “CJ” Jackson, Pastor Zachery Bruce, George Griffin, Tiger and Emerald City Fish and Chips, Mic Check aka Base, the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners, and many more.

Including my late mom, Mrs. Lorraine Harris in heaven. And my big brother Byron. I have some “fake” friends who will stay nameless.

As I said readers, I have some big issues with folks from the continent of Africa. But one thing for sure, they network and work together to open up EVERY TYPE OF BUSINESS in the Southend and Rainier Valley of Seattle. Of course the Asians have the International District aka Chinatown.

We as African Americans have ZERO malls full of businesses in Seattle. The question is why?

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