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Thanks To My Departed Mom Mrs. Lorraine B. Harris

Thanks To My Departed Mom Mrs. Lorraine B. Harris

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Hope everyone is well. The terrible virus is going around PLUS Covid has made a return. The hospitals are filled up. I am just getting over a terrible cold. Not the flu or Covid, just a really bad cold. As we know it is really going around so hope everyone stays well. Because the virus hit me like a hammer all of a sudden for real.

Something just happened to me that I was not looking forward to. But I knew it had to happen. My dear mom, Mrs. Lorraine B. Harris passed away. She died a few days before her 98th birthday so she lived a long long time on this earth. She told me and family she did just about everything she wanted to do. She traveled and did much more. She had a loving husband, Bert Harris who loved her to death and that is for sure readers. He really did. They were a great couple.

My dad Leon Curvey and my mom separated when I was around 6 or 7. I remember when Bert was trying to “catch” my mom. It was really something. He was not the only fella trying to “catch” my dear mom. My mom was a nice looking lady with a very good job at Boeing, and a nice big house in the Central Area here in Seattle.

My mom was from a big family named the Benson’s. 10 sisters and two brothers. Only one is living now. My Aunt Alberta in Columbus, Ohio. Just talked with her last night. She was not able to travel to Seattle for her last sister’s services.

Watching the services via Zoom. I know my mom told me over and over that she did not want to be still living at age 100. Well see almost made it but god said to her it is time to go now. Now I have no Big Mom (grandmother). no PapaGene (grandfather), no dad (Leon Curvey) and now no mom.

Yes ladies and gentlemen it is very very hard on me. My dear mom is gone forever. It seems every 5 minutes I am thinking of my mom. One thing for sure my mom and I clashed many many times. But I know my mom meant the best for myself and my big brother Byron. She instilled in us to be respectful to people and hope people will respect you back. Recently here in my apartment building here in Seattle, Washington, we have ANOTHER new in house manager. Right from the jump when I went to the office for some business she talked down to me. Like I am a nobody and she is somebody.

She talked to me like I am a nobody as I said. Right from the jump, I saw straight though her when she talked to me. But then I thought about what my departed mom taught me. DO NOT let people in ANY position disrespect me. I give respect and I want respect back. This is what my mom taught me ladies and gentlemen.

I will NOT this lady disrespect me!! Now this lady is threating to evict me because I did not talk to her in a “proper” manner. This is CRAZY!! Mrs. Lorraine B. Harris brought me up to be a respectful man. I am not perfect, but I try to treat people like they want to be treated like my mom taught me. This lady here in the Dakota’s has to realize that I REFUSE to be treated like a nobody and she is somebody.

My mom in heaven is looking down on me. To see how I handle this disrespect lady here in the Dakota Apartments. I hope I will make my mom proud of me in a way I handle this situation. Talked to my mom the night before she died. I was so happy I had one last chat with my dear mom after she had a operation. She asked how I was feeling because I had been real sick with a cold. I told my mom don’t worry about me, how is she doing.

My mom said she just wants to go “home.” I do not if she meant “home” on East Spring St, or home in heaven. I still do not know. One thing for sure, my mom is out of her pain. And folks, she was in severe pain during her last few months of living.

Grief is no fun. No fun at all. I am doing the best I can readers but it is not easy as many of you know already. Heck I think of my grandmother, the late Mrs. Ione “Big Mom” Taylor all the time too. And my late grandfather Mr. Eugene “Papa Gene” Taylor too. Plus my late dad Mr. Leon Curvey.”

But I think about “Big Mom” the most when it comes to others besides my dear mom who has previously passed. As with mom, “Big Mom” could really cook!! With mom and grandmother gone to heaven, no more ox tails and corn bread, no more corn pudding and no more string beans and potatoes, no more bar be cue ribs, no more dressing, no more jello with pears in it. And much more. This makes me very very sad.

Well my mom joins my grandmother in the kitchen up in heaven. I want to thank my mom for everything she did for me. And that was a lot. My mom was on god’s green earth almost 98 years. She did NOT want to be here at the age of 100. She almost made it. Love you mom!!!



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