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Abby Phillip & Laura Coates Two Role Models For Young Black Girls

Abby Phillip & Laura Coates Two Role Models For Young Black Girls

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I see online that CNN is having trouble in the ratings wars against Fox News and MSNBC and they are trying to figure out what is the next moves to make.

Well that may be true. But as a African American I am proud to see two African American ladies with their own programs at night on CNN. Abby Phillip and Laura Coates are role models for young black girls who might want to be in the news media or even a lawyer.

One thing that bothers me is the way Abby is being treated as far as breaking political news that is happening here in the United States.

It seems CNN wants to put Kaitlan Collins out front when it comes to big breaking news. I do not understand why ladies and gentlemen. In my opinion, Collins is not better than Phillip. Why CNN wants to put Collins on with Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper and not Abby or Laura with breaking news is beyond me.

Word is Collins program in primetime “The Source” is suffering big time in the ratings. Why is Collins program ahead of Phillip’s and Coates program?

Coates was a prosecutor before she came to CNN. She would appear on various programs during the day to talk a story in the news that had to do with the law.

When she appeared, she was great and to the point on issues. This is why CNN decided to give her a shot to have her own program.

Her program follows Abby’s program at night. Two African American females with their own program that follow each other. Phillip’s program is on at 7pm Pacific time and Laura’s program is on at 8pm Pacific.

In my opinion, I do not see the marketing of Phillip’s and Laura’s programs like I see with Collins program. To me this is wrong. Do not get it twisted, I am very very happy that CNN has these two black ladies with their own programs back to back.

Having said that, why now promote their programs like they do Collin’s program? It is just not happening on CNN ladies and gentlemen. I just a commercial for Collin’s program on CNN.

I notice Collins conducts big interviews with Donald Trump or other big names. I do not see Phillip or Coates doing “big” interviews. Again the question is why? Especially with Phillip who is a trained broadcaster. Do not understand.

To be truthful, Laura is learning every night as a host of her own program. She was not trained to  be a broadcaster. But she is doing a great job.

But ladies and gentlemen in ending, I am just HAPPY to grab my remote and go to CNN and see two highly intelligent black ladies out front with their own programs. But I want to see the ladies do “big” interviews like Collins does on CNN. This should happen quickly as far as I am concerned.

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