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Tiffany Haddish Is A Embarrassment For African American Ladies!

Tiffany Haddish Is A Embarrassment For African American Ladies!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I hate to do this but I have some thoughts on Tiffany Haddish. A so called comedian/actor. In my opinion she is a embarrassment to African American females

A few weeks ago Haddish was on the MTV Video Awards. She was basically naked. Pic attached to this story. She had a bikini outfit on. She walked on stage to give a award walking like she was a contestant in the Miss America pageant. I said WTF!!

It was obvious Tiffany was loaded on something or drunk. She walked on stage and said “Honey I know I look good for a comedian.” Give me a break! I saw young kids in the audience.

Haddish has this “ghetto” way of talking. Flipping her neck from left to right. Pointing her fingers and more. In my opinion, I know a lot of white folks watch Tiffany Haddish and think all African American females talk the way Haddish does. Especially young black females.

Did some homework on Haddish. Learned she was stopped last year and given a DUI ticket. She has admitted she does drink a lot. Real for sure she was high on something on the MTV Video Awards. Well guess what readers?

She was drunk. She admitted she was a few days later. This is sad and wrong on Haddish’s part because she had young kids in the crowd at the awards show.

But having said that, other females were on the MTV awards program have naked too. Artists like Nikki Manaj and a few others. But no one acted like Tiffany. Heck on the pre- show via the red carpet, Haddish acted like she was for sure drunk.

Rubbing her behind against a dude right on national TV. Again bragging about how good she looks and crazy talk by her. I was watching her saying to myself “This lady needs help.” Which she does.

Once again in my opinion Haddish is not funny at all. Maybe she thinks acting and talking like a motor mouth black female is cool BUT I do not. Do not find it funny at all.

Hopefully Haddish can get some help for her drinking. Again, she has already been stopped by the police and given a DUI charge. Hope I do not read that she has died in a driving accident while druckSome producers in Hollywood will have acting roles for her where she can continue to act like a fool. But I hope producers will not hire her.

Tiffany Haddish is a embarrassment to black females. If you are white or are a non African American, of course not all black ladies act like Haddish. These are facts.

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