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It Is Time For President Obama To Visit His Home City & More

I don’t talk negative about President Obama too much here because Sean Hannity and Fox News do a great job of that, but I think it is time for the President to visit his home town of Chicago. There was 502 murders in Chicago in 2012 and 52 so far this year. If the President can hop on Air Force One when the children was sadly killed, then he can do the same and visit his home city and have meetings with Rev Jesse Jackson and other leaders about constant blood in the streets of Chicago. ┬áComments?


Singer Keyshia Cole put Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child on blast ( for her terrible singing during the reunion of Destiny’s Child during the Super Bowl. I hear ya Ms Cole! I was never a fan of Michelle. To me she has always looked out of place as a member of DC. Unlike Kelly Rowland who is a sexy lady. And of course B is sexy as hell! I would rather see Farrah come back as a member of Destiny’s Child. That’s just me. How do you feel about it? Comments?


There was a rumor that the Los Angeles Clippers was looking into a possible trade for future Hall Of Famer Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics. ( The question is who would the Clippers trade to get K.G.? But the other day the Celtics said the rumor is not true. Truth be told since the Celtics All-Star point guard Rondo went down for the season, the Celtics are playing real good ball with the ball moving from side to side instead of Rondo dominating the ball.  Comments?


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