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Is Minaj And Carey Battle Made Up For Ratings?

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I am sure you guys have saw the news about Nicki Minaj cussing out Mariah Carey on the set of “American Idol” recently. I saw this story and said to myself “What in the hell is this” I could not believe this story.

Why would Nicki want to cuss out Carey? To me these two are completely different personalities. Different as night and day. One is a rapper with a few hits and one is a mega-star that has sold millions and million of records and most likely is worth about $500 million. Has this problem between the two got out of hand? Some say it has. Some say this crap is made up.

There is a report that Minaj has said she would hurt Carey. So Mariah has brought in more sucurity on the set of “Idol”. Man this is CRAZY readers!! What is REALLY going on?

The question needs to be asked. Is this “battle” between these superstar females real or made up for rathings of a program whose ratings have been going downhill the last few years? I think it is made up for ratings. But then again I could be wrong. Maybe these two females just cannot stand each other. This could be true.

Some say Carey and another superstar female “J-Lo” Jennifer Lopez, who used to be a judge on “Idol” are superstars but also are “real” sisters from the hood or inner city and the hood or inner city have not left them despite their millions.

Anyway we will keep you up to date on the date on the Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey “battle” right here on “M.I.C News Magazine”   Gordon Curvey

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