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Racial Opportunity Still A Problem/Even In The Sports World

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ESPN is doing a series of programs coming up regarding race relations and opportunity for African Americans on the field and off.

The programs are in relation to the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. I hope everyone will watch the programs on ESPN. I have seen parts of it already on ESPN and it was real sad knowing that here we are in America with a African American President but still their are major differences in our country.

Please read the above story and learn about the differences on how whites and African Americans think on certain topics. It is truly sad that sorry to say, whites and blacks think differently. That is the bottom line.

This is why I am so outspoken on the makeup of sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN here in Seattle. Mainly KJR who has shown they know nothing about the word diversity. Nor do they care. In twenty years they have had a grand total of one African American behind the mic on a regular basis. One.

What really bothers me is KJR is broadcasting from the 2011 King Holiday Hoopfest here in Seattle. And they are playing commercials with the voice of Dr. King etc. In my opinion, KJR SHOULD NOT be involved in any way in broadcasting games from the King Holiday event when they are doing the complete opposite of what Dr. King lived and died for.

The company has zero African Americans or people of color in their workforce. Zero. I just think they need to realize that it is wrong to be involved with the event until they practice what Dr. King fought for. I hope everyone will watch the series of reports on ESPN regarding the opportunities for African Americans in the sports world. It should be a eye opener.   Gordon Curvey

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