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Bill Cosby: Camille Cosby Should Leave His Ass!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

bill-cosby-wife-camille-defends-husband-fe_2014-12-15_23-20-29Readers at first when it came to William H. Cosby Jr aka Bill Cosby, I was riding the fence when it came to all these ladies coming out against Mr. Cosby. Most after 30 to 45 years of saying nothing.

I was saying why did these females say nothing for decades and then all of a sudden when a basically unknown comic made a comment or joke during his stage act regarding Cosby and past stories about rape charges against him, lady after lady came out the woodwork saying Cosby raped them after he allegedly give them a pill. From former supermodels Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickerson to many others.

Some famous people like Whoopi Goldberg and former guest on my program “Music Inner City TV” singer Jill Scott stood behind and supported Mr. Cosby until recently when new information has been released to the public by first the NY Times and now CNN. The news is flat out devastating against Cosby.

It shows and tells us that Bill Cosby lied to us. He had us fooled. We loved Fat Albert and loved the movies he made with the legendary Sidney Poitier and his various TV shows like “I Spy” for which he won a Emmy and of course..”Cosby” Where he played “America’s dad” Cliff Huxtable for years on TV. He had all of us fooled readers. And I am upset at Bill Cosby for fooling me and millions of others who looked up to him.

Bill Cosby was having sex or near sex with plenty of ladies behind his lady Camille Cosby’s back. But then again Mrs. Cosby may have known about her husbands cheating ways and STILL stayed with him.  Well readers maybe we know why. MONEY MONEY MONEY for which Bill Cosby has plenty of. Mr. Cosby is worth a reported $400 to $500 million.

Because I think most females would have left a man who was cheating all over the damn place. Did Mrs. Cosby see $$ signs? But wait a minute. If she left Bill Cosby she would have got millions and millions from her husband in a divorce settlement. This is a fact!!

A few weeks ago I hear a comedy routine from a young Bill Cosby in which he told a so called joke about giving a pill to a lady and then the lady was ready to get busy if you know what I mean. Then I also saw a interview with Cosby from the early 90’s in which he ADMITTED to a affair with a lady behind Camille’s back. BUT Mrs. Cosby STILL stayed with him. The question is why?joseph-c-phillips

This story has got real real ugly for Bill Cosby at age 78. Concerts have been cancelled, “Cosby” reruns have been removed from TV and his great reputation he earned since the 60’s has gone completely downhill. This is sad. But I have to say this.

This dude who played Cosby’s son in law on “Cosby” His name is Joseph C. Phillips.(pic) He has turned into a conservative motor mouth. I have seen him on Hannity’s show on Fox News putting down President Barack Obama.  He has recently come out and said “Cosby should go away” and more. THIS DUDE HAS HIS FREAKIN NERVE!! Not trying to take up for the cheating monster Bill Cosby..BUT I am supporting Mr. Cosby on this point when it comes to Mr. Phillips.


Yo Phillips Mr. Cosby hired your ass and you made thousands and thousand of $$ for your part on “Cosby” He may have “fooled” you like he has fooled us but I strongly feel you should have kept your feelings to yourself instead of blasting a man who paid you big time and put your name in the public eye. This is real talk. Some of you may disagree. This is how I feel folks.

Finally I think the elegant and beautiful Mrs. Camille Cosby should leave the cheatin ass Bill Cosby!! He has played SERIOUS games for decades behind her back. Mrs. Cosby has come out recently and said these ladies who have came out against her husband knew what was going on and played along with Cosby. Wow Camille!! Come on now.

Quaaludes was the pill Cosby ADMITTED in 2005 he gave to females to have sexual relations. That ALONE is reason enough for the dignified Mrs. Camille Cosby to pack up and leave Bill Cosby. This is my opinion. More to come right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”

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