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This Is Who I Want For My Next President Of The United States/Michelle Obama
NEW ORLEANS, LA - JUNE 22: Former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama waves after discussing her forthcoming memoir titled, 'Becoming', during the 2018 American Library Association Annual Conference on June 22, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

This Is Who I Want For My Next President Of The United States/Michelle Obama

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

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I am a person who voted for President Joe Biden. I am not a Republican for sure. So far I think Prez Biden has done OK as our President. Not the best but OK.

Truth be told and honestly, I think Prez Biden should not run again in 2014. At 79 I just do not think he should run again. Sorry to say, Prez Biden has a hard time completing a doggone sentence for goodness sake. Who do I think should run for President? And will this person run? I will say hell no. But SHE should.

Her name is our former First Lady and the lady of our former two term President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama.

In my opinion if she would run, she would win by a landslide ladies and gentlemen! Republicans would be afraid to touch her! Michelle would destroy any Republican in any debate. She is just too intelligent. Too dynamic as a person as a African American lady and a United States citizen. HIGHLY RESPECTED ALL OVER THE WORLD!!

Of course Prez Obama would “train” her as to how to be President but then again Michelle has already been “trained” because she has been a First Lady for eight years. Some say the best First Lady ever in United States history.

Could she handle being President? I say yes. She is highly respected all over the world as I said. Heck, truth be told, she is more popular than Barack folks!

Right now I do not see who could beat Michelle as far as Democrats. Prez Biden? Who could beat Michelle Obama if she would run for President? I cannot think of anyone can you readers? Please leave a comment. She is a great great speaker just like her husband. When she speaks, she has the audience in the balms of her hands, just like Barack.

Both are like Baptist ministers in a African American church on Sunday. They give sermons not speeches ladies and gentlemen. Sermons not speeches!! Real talk!!

Of course, Michelle Obama will NOT run for President. We all know this right? But dammit I wish she would!! Maybe she will read my article. Maybe Prez Obama will read my article. And say to themselves, Prez Biden is 79 years old. And think to themselves who can win as a Democrat again.

Some will say, enough of the Obama’s. I am not one of them readers. I want Michelle Obama to run for President of the United States. As I said, she will NOT run, but I will hope and pray she will!! MICHELLE OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT IN 2024!!

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