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Look out B.E.T! Magic Johnson’s new TV network hit the airwaves the other day and I am happy to see it happen readers because I am not a fan of Black Entertainment Television (aka BET). I don’t like the way they operate their company and I don’t like the programs on the air.

As we all know, Magic Johnson is a Hall Of Fame NBA basketball player. One of the greatest players of all times. Some say he is the greatest because he was a 6-9 point guard. If you know basketball, how many 6-9 point guards can you name folks? Not to many that is for sure.

And just about every thing Magic does it turns to gold. After he left the NBA he has a become a GREAT businessman. He is worth about $500 million. And has put jobs in the inner cities of America. Thousands and thousands of jobs. He is a man who had plans after basketball unlike many other NBA, NFL and MLB players who are broke after making millions on the court and in the field.

Now Magic is starting a new TV network called ASPIRE. It is starting out in cities with big African American populations like New York, Chicago and a few other cities. But it will spread to many other cities in the new few years including here in my hometown of Seattle, Washington.

Aspire will be a success. That is for sure. And I am happy to see it is on the air just like I am happy to watch Cathy Hughes owned network TV One. TV One has programs on the air I want to watch UNLIKE BET. They have hardly any programs I want to watch. Except for the program starring Tracy Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner. That’s about it.

TV One has a great program call “Unsung” about past African American stars who has had problems etc. It is a really good program. Watched one the other day on the legendary Sly Stone. BET in my opinion does NOT have a program that I can say to myself “Man I really want to watch this” And I know MANY of you feel the same. Does BET have a program that you say ‘

BET is full of themselves and they play games with artists music videos and play other games for which I will not get into right now in this article. But I will say this, I was told of a ban that BET put down on certain artists music videos. When I get more information I will write a article about it right here on MIC.

Please hit the link above for more information on Magic’s new network. And if you are in NY or Chicago etc please tune into Aspire. When it finally hits Seattle, I will for sure watch. Because they will have programs I want to view unlike BET!

Again I will be writing more stories on the games BET has played and continues to play with artists and more.

Gordon Curvey


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