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Is President Obama Inspiring Black Men?

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P.S. There is no question that President Barack Obama is inspiring African American men. And whites too truth be told. But for sure black men.

It is for sure President Obama is leading African American young boys and girls to do better in school and get a quality education and stay away from drugs and out of gangs and even to enter politics.

I NEVER thought I would see a African American as President of the Untied States. But it has happened in my lifetime and I thing it is great to see.

Even though the right wing and Fox News folks like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck and radio hosts Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh want to attack President Obama day after day, the supporters of President Obama stand behind him and support him.

When ever I turn the TV on and see the President as a African American, I am very very proud. When I see the First Lady Michele Obama and the beautiful kids, I feel proud.

Is President Obama inspiring African American men AND LADIES? The answer is yes. We are not going to let the tea party folks and Fox News and right wing radio hosts change our opinions on our President. G.C.

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