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I Love The NBA But Too Many 3’s Being Shot!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Boston Celtics forward Marcus Morris, top right, puts up his game-winning 3-point shot over Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams (12) and forward Paul George in an NBA basketball game in Boston, Tuesday, March 20, 2018. The Celtics won 100-99. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

I am a hoops junky. I love watching the game of basketball. I loved playing the game growing up and into my adulthood. I have not played a game of hoops since I loss a good section of my right lung due to pneumonia a few years ago.

My doctor said it is OK for me to get in shape and play some half court but I am afraid. I have had dreams of myself playing hoops. I was a very good shooter. Not the fastest cat around but a very good shooter. After being cut in high school, I kept playing and playing and getting better and better. I was a good long range shooter. Which leads into my story here on SIC.

As a fan of the NBA and college hoops and even high school hoops, I am watching too many three point shots. It is making games very very hard to watch and really enjoy. Something has to be done. What I do not know. What can be done?

Truth be told players throwing up 3 pointers all over the place has got worse since the Warriors star

Steph Curry came into the NBA and became a assassin from 25 to even 35 ft!! Hell Curry is dangerous when he crosses half court for goodness sake!! Real talk!! Now because of the popularity of Curry, young inner city kids get their basketball and go to the gym and practices 3 after 3 after 3!!

Loving the game of hoops as I do I just do not like watching players wide open for a mid-range 15 to 20 ft jumper and passing it up to throw it out a teammate for a long 3. I just do not like it. I wonder how many of you hoops junkies like watching a game with players tossing up 3’s all over the court. I mean I am watching big centers jacking up 3’s. Unless you are Kevin Durant of Anthony Davis or a few others, a lot of players need to take their ass inside for a possible lay-in or a mid range shot.

Hope I am not sounding like a old timer but I like watching the game of basketball. I don’t like watching players just throwing up bad percentage 3 point attempts all over the court.

I want to see team work and movement of the ball inside and out and back inside. If a 3 is needed then fine. But not just cats firing at freakin will. Why are coaches allowing this? Of course in college the 3 point line is not as long as in the pros but in my opinion a long 3 is a long 3 in pros or in college. Time after time I have seen a big fella in the post for a 10 ft jumper or a mid range shot and the big is passed over for a long 3 or like I said the big will pass it out to the 3 point line.

Ladies and gentlemen and sports fans I want to see good hard playing basketball not players coming over half court making a pass or two and then a player tosses up a 3. In my strong opinion…this is not basketball.


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