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Spike Lee Attacks Tyler Perry’s Two TV Programs

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P.S. I knew it was a matter of time before director Spike Lee goes after fellow director Tyler Perry and his movies and TV shows. And it has finally happened.

And I have to say I am on Lee’s side. I think Perry’s TV shows are “Amo and Andy” remakes. Full of big eyed, loud mouth “Negro” charectors that to me is a put down of African Americans.

Yes Perry is making millions on his TV show and of course his movies and yes he employs many African Americans in front of the camera and behind it, but on the TV shows, I cannot watch them. I might as well be watching Bill “Bojangles” Robinson or “Amo and Andy”.

Lee makes movies to up lift African Americans and tells us positive stories that makes us think about our history. With Perry’s movies and TV it is the complete opposite.

I hope Tyler will write and produce a TV show or movie that is a complete drama without the baffon acting and jokes. How bout a love story between a black man and lady? Hopefully soon Perry can do that. Until then I totally agree with Spike Lee. You may disagree with me. That’s O.K. Gordon Curvey

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