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MSNBC Host Doing A Great Thing For Kids In Africa

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I watch his program every night because I like his style and what he says about politics. Lawrence O’Donnell just seems like a great fella. I started to hear Lawrence discuss what he is doing for underprivileged children in Africa.

And folks what he is doing is just great! He is doing something that he for sure does NOT have to do. But it is in his heart to do ladies and gentlemen.

O’Donnell and UNICEF have teamed up to provide school desks to children in Malawi, a country in the African continent. These kids have NEVER had a desk to work on at their schools. Never!!

The project is called “Kids In Need Of Desks.” Ladies and gentlemen millions of students in Africa spend their days in packed tiny classrooms, sitting on dirt floors. These desks will help the students have a place to sit so they can read and write. It could help the kids in Africa get a better education.

With the help of Lawrence and UNICEF, so far more than 500,000 desks have been delivered to students in Africa but the project needs more funds to help these children.

O’Donnell of course has used his nightly program on MSNBC (The Last Word) to promote his project. Every time I see him talking about this project on his program and I see the happy smiles on these African children faces to have desks to work on in their classrooms, I get emotional. I really do. Just look at this pic to the right folks.

By making a tax deductible donation to UNICEF USA, you should feel good knowing you are helping a kid in Africa have a better education. To maybe be a dentist or nurse, social worker etc.

Folks a whopping 70% of students in Malawi, let me repeat this…70% of students in Malawi do not have desks OR a chair!! With the help of Lawrence O’Donnell and UNICEF, slowly this situation is changing.

The desks and chairs are mainly helping young secondary Malawian girls who are most in danger of missing out on an education.

UNICEF has helped save more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization by providing health care and immunizations, safe water and sanitation, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more.

Also UNICEF USA supports UNICEF’s work in fundraising and more here in the U.S. This is just great information readers. I am telling you, when you see the work this project is doing to help young African girls it will hopefully make YOU want to give a donation like I did.

Before I end this story, I just want to give a HUGE shout out to MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell. Of course as you can see by the picture, he is a white gentlemen. Who is making a very good salary as a TV host of his own program. He has also wrote best selling books. He has used his program to speak out about race and racism.

He can just sit back, do his nightly show and get on his boat or motor home and travel all over the world etc. But Lawrence said THE HELL WITH THAT!! He has decided to help young African girls get a better education and be somebody when they get older. THIS IS JUST GREAT!! WHAT A GREAT FELLA!!

Finally, if you want to help please Google “Kids In Need Of Desks” or (K.I.N.D). If you can please help these African girls along with Lawrence O’Donnell this world be great!! Even if it is $5. Something is better than nothing. And please watch O’Donnell’s program on MSNBC “The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell” for more information on this great project. Thanks everybody. And Happy New Year!!

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