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Legendary Chuck D On A Mission For Hip-Hop Music

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As some of my followers and fans know I am a outspoken young man (lol) who is not scared to speak up on issues. From sports to entertainment to politics and more. I am not the “normal” African American Seattle resident who seem to be worried about their “rep”. So many say silent.

I am not the one! Hopefully you have checked out my previous story on Seattle’s KUBE93 radio station. First of all, as I said in the story program director Eric Powers has decided to ban me from their Summer Jam the last six or seven years. Only Eric and music director Karen Wild and others know why. At first Powers toward me they cannot let me backstage for possible interviews because if they let me backstage they have to let other media. But that is bullshit.

Anyway again this year Powers blocked me and my audience of “Music Inner City TV” from coverage backstage at the Gorge. Meanwhile I went on Facebook and saw people I know and don’t know just hanging out backstage, but ya boy was blackballed by Eric.

So I listened to the SJ at home on KUBE decided to allow the language over the air from Too Short, Seattle’s own Sir Mix A Lot and Ice Cube and E-40 and other. Other words “nigga” and “fuckin holes” and “shake them tiddies” and more was coming though online from the SJ and I was shocked. Why? Because even though the internet is free speech. I just did not think KUBE would allow this speech over the air.

Boy was I wrong! All this readers with plenty of kids in the audience. First of all, why would ANY parent bring their kid to the Summer Jam knowing Too Short  and others are performing. WHY? But I still blame KUBE. Just like the legendary leader of Public Enemy Chuck D blaming Hot 97 for their Summer Jam and more. Chuck is VERY upset at “urban” radio for allowing artist to use the N word to be used a million times at their events. PLUS Chuck D is upset at Hot 97 for not allowing local NY artists to perform at the SJ and over the air. Well this is what I am speaking out about when it comes to KUBE93.

Chuck D means business. Hot 97 has tried to fire back at Chuck. This dj who I will NOT use his name “tried” to put Chuck D on blast over the air on Hot 97 the other day. The station has a reality show on TV also. Well guess what? This dj was BLASTED in social media for trying to blast Chuck D. A flat out legend and a member with Flavor Flav of the Rock N Roll Of Fame. I went online and saw people’s views and EVERYONE supported Chuck and his views!! It was shocking!!

So I was happy that I have backup in my mission from a flat out legend. Here is the TERRIBLE part readers. I put my feeling online at my Facebook page regarding KUBE93 and the N word. I also spoke up about KUBE not giving local Seattle/Tacoma artists prime time air spins. BUT instead of support like Chuck D got in NY etc, CERTAIN PEOPLE STARTED TO PUT ME ON BLAST FOR STANDING UP AGAINST KUBE93!! THIS IS CRAZY!! I mean cats was coming out of the woodwork against me!! CRAZY!!

Yes I got support BUT many others said why I am speaking on KUBE, listen to internet radio and other excuses that I did not see in responses to Chuck D speaking out. JUST AMAZING!! I have to realize I am in Seattle. It seems we are LOST. VERY VERY LOST!! Maybe it is the cloudy weather. I just do not understand us in the Seattle area. It seems folks want to line KUBE93 and Clear Channel’s pockets and bank accounts.

I am not going to be quiet on this topic of KUBE93 and their treatment of African Americans. If certain backwards thinking people want to blast me WHEN I AM TRYING TO HELP THEM then so be it. I am a big boy. Some have said I want something. This is the BACKWORDS THINKING OF NEGROS IN THE SEATTLE AREA. This is one of the reasons why WE DON’T HAVE A DAMN THING IN OUR AREA BUT CHURCHES, BAR B CUE JOINTS AND BEAUTY SHOPS/BARBER SHOPS.

Meanwhile Asians and now East Africans have TAKEN OVER THE RAINIER VALLEY AND CENTRAL AREA where the African American WAS AND I SAY WAS!! Because we do not have that community we used to have anymore. OK I will be back with more news soon folks. And stay tuned because I am not one of the lazy Seattle area Negros!    Gordon Curvey

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