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What Is Up With Pharrell Williams/Is He Out Of Control?

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PHARRELL-ELLE-UK-570I guess sometimes certain people or certain entertainers or even politicians get to a place in life and they think they can say or do anything. Maybe Pharrell Williams is one of these people.

Don’t get it twisted, Williams first is a very very talented writer of songs. I am not going to say he is a great singer because let’s keep it real he is not a great singer since he makes songs like “Happy” whose melody and harmony is good it covers up his lack of singing ability.

But Pharrell is it seems is so full of himself that he comes out at events wearing this STUPID pharrell-girlcoverlooking hat on his head and then puts out a cd called “Girls” with all light skinned black ladies. Yo Pharrell check this out bro, ALL BLACK LADIES ARE NOT LIGHT SKINNED!! There are PLENTY of dark skinned beautiful black ladies. Maybe because his lady is a light skinned lady of color then he says to himself he can get by putting all light skinned black females on his cover. Yeah..right!

Then recently Williams for some unknown and crazy reason put’s on a Native American head cover on the front Elle Magazine in the UK.

What is this brothas problem? Should he have realized that PLENTY of Native Americans and Native Americans groups would not be happy with him? Let’s keep it real readers. Where was Pharrell’s mind at or where is it now? Is he thinking correctly? Or maybe this cat just does not care right? Maybe he thinks he is a star and can get by with anything.

I hope the Native American community let’s Pharrell know in a strong way (and they are) that going on a magazine with a full Native American head dress on your freakin head when you are NOT a Native American is FLAT OUT WRONG! And making a cover called “Girls” with all light skinned black ladies of color BUT zero dark skinned ladies is FLAT OUT WRONG! As you can see I am not “happy”.  Gordon Curvey

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