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New Miss America Nina Davuliri Experiences Racism After Winning

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I watched the Miss America event the other day. With all the very beautiful and talented young ladies from all over the United States and it was a good program to watch.

People think you just have to be pretty to win but you have to have some real skills to really win and impress the judges. So many young ladies grow up with dreams of being Miss America or Miss Universe. They start be entering state events and if they happen to win they move to the larger events like Miss America.

So recently the beautiful Miss New York, Nina Davuliri won is the new Miss America. She is a very pretty lady and talented too. But sorry to say Nina has ran into the R word….racism. Because she is a Indian-American.

The new Miss America has received racist tweets online from viewers who do not like it that she is a Indian-American who won the Miss American event. This is truly truly sad readers. The question is why would viewers have a problem with her winning? She happens to be a beautiful Indian-American female who entered the event just like all the other ladies.

In my opinion people need to wake up!! This is America with a African American two term President of the United States and a First Lady who is African American and a Attorney General who is African American and on and on. It seems Davuliri is a very strong lady who has handled the stupid and racist and unfair tweets that sick people put online about Nina winning. And I hope the new Miss America will stay strong and be a great Miss America!

Gordon Curvey

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