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Kanye West & Ray J Continue Beef In The Public/WHY?

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I think it is ashame that entertainers have to go at each other in the public online or on a so called new song or in other ways like Facebook or Twitter. Some of these beefs get real real serious to the point somebody gets hurt. In other words these beefs are no joke. Someone can get hurt or even killed!

So now we have Kanye West and Ray J going at each other. And truth be told Ray J had it coming from West after for some reason going in a studio and cutting a stupid joint called “I Hit It First” WHY ON EARTH WOULD RAY J DO THAT READERS??

What the so called song is about is Ray J and his relationship with Kim Kardishian.  Of course Ray J and Kim made a very famous sex tape a few years ago during their relationship. So now Kim is with Kanye and even has a baby with West. By the way have you seen a pic a baby? The baby is cute as hell. So why would Ray J make that so called song? It is crazy!!

So West has fired back at Ray J calling Ray J “Brandy’s little sister” WHEW!! That is deep!! Look out for West. He is a lyrical king who will write a joint about Ray J that will be hot!! You can believe that! Ray J will not be able to answer back unless someone writes the joint for him and that is for sure!! Ray J is just hatin that West has Kardishian and he does not. Then again it seems Ray J thinks he is playa.

What I don’t like is all this crap between these two brothas in the public eye. In my opinion this stuff should be kept private between West and Ray J. There was no need for Ray J to go into a studio and make a song called “I Hit It First” HOW STUPID!! Truth be told this song was put out a few months ago and he waited to get back at Ray J. But as I said readers, Ray J is flat out wrong and had it coming from Kanye calling him Brandy’s little sister. Look out folks because their is more to come in this SILLY so called beef.

Gordon Curvey

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