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Chaka Khan Says She Will Not Perform In Florida

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I am so glad to see performers lining up to say they will not perform in the state of Florida because of George Zimmerman case in which he was found not guilty by the mostly jury for the killing of young 17 year Trayvon Martin last year.

Performers are saying they are not happy with the laws in Florida that makes it OK for Zimmerman to walk free while Trayvon is dead and his parents are suffering. So artists like Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder and Justin Timberlake and Madonna and Trey Sonz and others say they will not perform in Florida. This is great.

It is time for the state of Florida and many other states to wake up and smell the freakin coffee. Folks are hip to stand your ground law now and are speaking up big time. And they mean business. And you can bet that many more entertainers will agree with other stars and will not perform in Florida until things change. That is for sure readers. Folks are real serious.

Florida and other states need to realize the stand your ground law is just not fair. For sure for people of color. When you look at the rally’s in different cities recently held, people of all colors marched together.

And believe me the rally’s are not over. People are upset with the Zimmerman case knowing that Zimmerman is walking free after killing Trayvon. It hurts me every time I see Martin’s parents on TV. You can see the pain and suffering in their face. It really hurts.

What is going on now is a new civil rights time in America. Young and old are joining in to speak out. Of course clowns like Hannity and O’Reilly and Rush don’t like folks speaking out about the Trayvon death because they think Martin was in the wrong and should have been killed by Zimmerman.

So people are trying to let folks on the right that again they mean business and they will continue to hold rally’s and marches all over America! ¬†Gordon Curvey



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