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Sergio Garcia Makes “Fried Chicken” Remark About Tiger Woods

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It seems from time to time the world’s #1 golfer has reality hit him in the face. And that is he is the only African American on the PGA Tour and that at times certain fellas like Fuzzy Zoeller and now the motor mouth Serio Gargio makes stupid and yes racist remarks about Tiger.

A few years ago Fuzzy made a comment about a dinner and invite Tiger and serve fried chicken. His career went down the tubes after that remark. Of course Fuzzy said he was sorry but to most the damage was done. But now here comes Sergio Garcia.

It is well known that Tiger and Garcia do not get along at all.  A few weeks ago Garcia said Tiger pulled out a club out his bag right when he was getting ready to hit his ball a few yards away. Tiger said the a course manager said Garcia has hit his ball. Garcia went in on Tiger after the round. Garcia is a motor mouth clown who needs to shut up and win some majors like Tiger has over the years.

Anyway Garcia has now also made a fried chicken remake regarding Tiger!! SAY WHAT?? What is going on with fried chicken and Tiger Woods with certain guys who play the game of golf? For those of you who don’t know, a lot of folks think when a white or non African American like Garcia makes a comment about fried chicken, it is racist.

A lot of people think African Americans love a lot of watermelon and fried chicken. What Fuzzy said years ago regarding Tiger and fried chicken and what Garcia has said regarding Tiger and fried chicken is flat out racist! For Garcia to say he did not mean his comment to be racist is a empty headed reaction. Garcia held a press conference to say he is sorry for his comment. He made this comment about the world’s #1 golfer overseas at a event.  He said he is truly sorry. WHAT HE SAID WAS RACIST READERS.

Here is the thing. What now for Garcia when he comes to play here America? He made his racist comment at a event overseas. What reaction will Garcia get for the rest of his career because readers Fuzzy Zoeller’s career when down hill quickly.  Gordon Curvey

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