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Is Weezy Heading Down The Same Path As Whitney?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I don’t know if you saw that Lil Wayne was recently in the hospital because he had a rough time breathing and other health problems that was related to this problem.

Some are saying that Weezy’s problems are with being hooked on a strong syrup he has been taking for awhile. In my opinion Wayne needs to stop drinking this crap or we will be hearing about him going down the path of the late Whitney Houston. Of course in my opinion Weezy is doing other drugs to that include smoking hella bud.

Wayne is making tons of money and has for years with Cash Money. And now he has been running Young Money. But just listen to Weezy talk. He sounds loaded all the time in my opinion. And from time to time you hear about Weezy doing crazy things and getting in trouble again. When will it stop readers? When he is dead?

Some thought Lil Wayne was going to die last week. Reports had folks giving him his last rights etc. But now he is at home to recover from the problems he was having. But if he keeps drinking the syrup and drinking and smoking etc we will be hearing about Wayne leaving us before he turns 30. It is time for him to change the way he does things.

Weezy is a father and a businessman and a world known rap artist. The thing is Weezy is a very intelligent dude. I have seen him on ESPN’s “First Take” and the cat knows what is going on in the NBA, the NFL and MLB. He knows sports. He was on the show hanging with the big mouth Skip Bayless!!

I am sure he has millions in the bank. But readers if he keeps on doing the drugs, he will not be here to enjoy it and his kids will not have their daddy and Wayne fans will not have any more concerts to go to. Wake up Weezy and smell the coffee bro!! Get your shit together before it is to late.

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