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Jay Z Is Upset About Rihanna Hooking Up With Brezzy Again

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Many of you know I have a problem with Chris aka “Breezy” Brown. I still have a huge problem with this young man on the way be beat up the beautiful singer radio a few years ago in Los Angeles. I was in L.A. when the incident happened.

Readers if you need a reminder on how Brown beat up Rihanna, just Google a pic of her face.  So I am very confused as to why she would go back to Chris and hang out with him etc. I just don’t understand. Yes I know they are young but she should be old enough to know and realize to stay away from Brown. But for some reason she cannot stay away from Chris.

So it is know surprise that Rihanna’s mentor Jay Z is upset at her for going back to Brown. He is like me in his thinking that if he hits you once he can do it again because Brown has shown he has a very bad temper. He has blown up at folks time and time again. This is a fact.

Now I will say this readers. At times I cannot blame Breezy for getting upset at times when he goes to a radio station for a interview and the person doing the interview brings up the Rihanna situation. Sometimes they do it when they were warned before hand not to bring that up. So they do it and he gets uspest walks out of the interviews. Again I don’t blame him.

But again I wish Rihanna can find another fella to be with and I wish Brown can be with another female. Because with Brown’s temper I just think something terrible can happen again down the line. Something the fans of Rihanna and Brown do not want to see.   Gordon Curvey

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