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T-Boz Blasting So Called Reality Stars With No Talent

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I watched for the first time in awhile “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” today and saw a bunch a motor mouth females with one thing in common……NO TALENT!!

New cast member the beautiful Kanya Moore has her own movie production company and she is a former Miss America. But have you seen her act? She is terrible for real! She cannot act what so ever.

So Ms Moore is joining the rest of the no talent crew of RHOA. The same goes for other motor mouth sistas on “Basketball Wives Of L.A.” and  “Chrissy and Jim” (why they got a show is beyond me) and other reality shows.

So when I came upon the article about fomer member of the super group TLC, T-Boz saying reality shows is full of folks with no talent, I said YES!!! Toz is telling the truth because in her opinion and my mind too reality shows should be about stars like Lil Wayne or Jay Z and Beyonce or Lady Ga Ga or Usher. Not NeNe and others with ZERO talent. Just a loud voice and a big booty!

Thank god for reality shows that feature people with talent like Mary Mary and Keyshia Cole or T.I. Those are the reality shows that are real.

So I will be watching T-Boz new reality show on TLC that will be starting soon because another member of TLC, Chilli’s reality show was real good. Also I have always respected T-Boz as beautiful African American female who has faught illness but continues to fight and stay a respected woman.    Gordon Curvey

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