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What’s Next? It’s The Bikini Basketball League!

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We all know the sport of basketball is a very popular sport all over the world. The NBA truth be told is behind soccer as the world’s most popular sport. You see basketball being played every where.

Of course NBA players like Kobe and LeBron and Shaq and MJ etc are very very popular. And we have the WNBA for the ladies that is gaining every year as a popular sport. But now guess what folks? A new league is popin up. It’s the Bikini Basketball League. No I am not lying!! Real talk.

The league is starting soon with ladies playing basketball in bikinis. This is going to be crazy! We already have ladies playing football half naked and now ladies playing basketball the same way. Anything to make money I guess.

It the league will start of in about four cities. Read more information above.    Gordon Curvey

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