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Opinions On KUBE93 Summer Jam/The “N” Word Etc.

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I watched the KUBE93 radio station online yesterday (June 9th) and was very bothered at what I heard and saw. First let me start with what I heard over the air on KUBE’s website.

Of course KUBE93 was pumping up their Summer Jam which was held here in Washington state at a beautiful location called “The Gorge”. About a hour and half drive from Seattle. I clicked on the screen for “Summer Jam TV” and was shocked at what I heard. KUBE93 site was playing UNCUT hip-hop music. So they means that the word NIGGA and MUTHA FUCKA and FUCKIN A BITCH and SMOKING BUD  and even songs with gun shots was being played. I was shocked.

I sent a text to KUBE93’s GM Lisa Decker regarding this issue. She was not aware of this. But the music continued until the SJ started about 4pm. Readers in my opinion this was wrong!

Then the SJ started and I watched the whole event via a webcast on KUBE93’s site. I watched artist after artist get on the SJ stage and use the N word and MF this and other foul speech. Now let’s be real, rappers will be rappers and most of them use the N word etc at will in their lyrics. Don’t get it twisted.

BUT what I am saying is this. These artists are using these words with young kids in the audience. So who is the blame readers? Parents for letting their kids come to SJ and hear these African American artists use the N word etc over and over or is KUBE93 the blame for at least not putting “Parental Guidance” on the tickets and online and commercial spots on KUBE93? Who is the blame?

Readers everyone in charge at KUBE93 which is a Clear Channel station, is white. Eric Powers, Karen Wild and the before mentioned Lisa Decker. KUBE93 is a no show in areas where African Americans stay or hang out. Plus they do zero advertising in the African American owned media. So in other words the Clear Channel owned KUBE93 DOES NOT give back to the African American community BUT makes millions of dollars playing music by African Americans and rakes in big money every year  with their Summer Jam which features a roster of ALL African American artists.

It seems others are afriad to speak up here in Seattle. Afriad of their “rep” etc. Why this is going up here in the Northwest is beyond me. Maybe the rainy and cloudy weather makes folks lazy or something. I really don’t know.

But the weather or what ever will not stop me from standing up for the African American community readers. I am just that kind of dude. KUBE93 has used black music for years and does not play local artists except for a Sunday night program when the least amount of listerners tune into KUBE AND DOES NOT GIVE BACK!

I will deal with that issue of not playing local artists very soon right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine”

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