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Terrible! Free Wi-Fi Pulled In A Major City Like Seattle!

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This city where I stay right now. Where I was born at….Seattle, Washington. It is suppose to be a major metropoliten city here in the United States but guess what readers. I am having second thoughts about that.

About two weeks ago, the city of Seattle stopped it’s free wi-fi service in certain areas of the city because of so called “lack of funding” How can this happen? I don’t understand. I am really upset about this because now I cannot pull over in my car in the Columbia City area of Seattle and pull out my laptop and log on to the net.

I called the Seattle Times to see if they can do a story on this mess and they did and your truly is part of the story. Just click the link above.

I am a tremendous supporter of President Obama. Just look at my website here at “M.I.C News Magazine” and you can find that out. I was and will be a GREAT supporter of our President but one of things the President says in many of his speeches is the wiring of America with broadband and wi-fi.

Now he could be just talking about in the home but he also could mean what was cut from Seattle and it’s free Wi-Fi in our communities. This is terrible.  A lot of people cannot pay for a service like Clear. So now folks have to go to a local coffee shop or library etc. This is just wrong.

So readers if you are in the Seattle area reading this call the Mayor’s office and complain. Tell them you want the Seattle wi-fi service brought back and brought back soon.    Gordon Curvey

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