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Rihanna’s Dad Makes Comments On Chris Brown & More

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Saw a article on where Rihanna’s father made some comments concerning her health and former boyfriend Chris Brown.

Please read the article above to see what he said but I have my own views on the beautiful Rihanna also.

Rihanna is a talented and very beautiful young lady. But I am tripping as to why she would spend one second with a guy who BEAT THE HELL OUT HER!!

Readers go back and look at the face of Rihanna after Brezzy beat her. Look at her face folks. Again, HE BEAT THE HELL OUT OF HER!! Folks can say it is her life etc which is true. But I am just giving my views. I know plenty of you ladies reading this agree with me.

Yes Brown has done well since the terrible incident with his community work and more and has had big hits and even won a Grammy recently but I am sorry, he is still a young man who can STILL have a problem with anger and take it out on Rihanna or another lady.

In my opinion and many many others, Rihanna should TOTALLY stay away from Chris Brown and deal with other fellas. She may always love Brezzy and Brezzy may always love her but I think they should move on with their careers away from each other. This is “One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey

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