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The Reason I Started “M.I.C-TV” Don Cornelius Has Died

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I am shocked and saddened today because the person who inspired me to start a TV program named “Music Inner City TV” more than twenty one years ago, Don Cornelius has died at age 75 of a possible suicide.

Word is Cornelius was very sick maybe with cancer. He has not looked to well in recent years. At the BET Awards a few years ago Don had trouble reading the teleprompter to announce the next performer in a tribute to the legendary O’Jays.

As a kid I stood in front of my mirror with a pencil in my hand trying to be like Don Cornelius hosting “Soul Train” He is the main reason I came up with the idea of “Music Inner City TV” in 1990 here in Seattle. And here it is 21 years later I am still producing the show. But it is all because of the legendary Don Cornelius.

And I had a chance to tell Don that he was my “idol” a few years ago at a event in L.A. That was a thrill to tell him in his face that I started my TV show because of him.  God willing “M.I.C-TV” will be around as long as “Soul Train”

Thanks Don for what you did for me and for r&b music. When the word legend is used it for sure is used when we discuss……Don Cornelius.  Rest in peace my brotha.    Gordon Curvey

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