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277,500 Have Signed Petition To Boycott Kim Kardashian

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I was very very happy to see a protest against Kim Kardashian. I have always said here online that the Kardashian family is a big fat joke who have got very very rich for some unknown reason.

Kim Kardashian got into the public eye when a sex tape went public with her ex man NFL football player Reggie Bush. What a way to become known readers.

Then all of a sudden the Kardashian’s got a reality program. How this happened is beyond me. It is also beyond me why this program became so popular. Why??? I just don’t understand!!

The Kardashian family cannot sing, dance or act. What is it? Why are they so popular? It’s crazy. Every time you walk past a newsstand where the magazines are, you see Kim or here sisters or mom or dad on the front of a magazine. WHY?

So I am glad to see a boycott has started to boycott Kim Kardashian after her in my opinion and many others, fake marriage to NBA player Kris Humpries. It marriage lasted 75 days!! It was staged! It was a fake so called marriage for ratings of the TV show. You have to have a half of a brain not to see this.

So read the story via the link above and sign the petition at  I am not a hater folks, I am just a cat who does not like to see people getting over on us the public. Hell, word is Kim took a trip to Haiti just for publicity and not to help the poor of the country still trying to recover the terrible earthquake.

I hope everyone signs the petition to boycott Kim Kardashian.   Gordon Curvey

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