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Rick Ross Has Seizures On Plane And Misses Concerts

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Rapper Rick Ross suffered two seizures the other day on two different flights. He had to cancel a few appearances because of it.

On Friday Big Ricky fell unconscious right after takeoff on a flight from Fort Lauderdale, Fl. to Memphis, Tenn and received treatment in a Fort Lauderdale hospital.

I will say this about Ross. Maybe this is a wake up call for his to get rid of a lot of weight. He way to big in my opinion. He needs to change his diet and exercise and slim down.

For some reason he likes to show off his big tummy while he is performing wearing open shirts etc. Why he does this is beyond me. To me it ain’t nothing to show off.

Also this incident may be a wake up call to all overweight performers. Do like Jennifer Hudson and get on a diet. I hope Rick Ross will do this that.   Gordon Curvey

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