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Has B.E.T Cancelled “The Mo’Nique Show”?

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To me B.E.T (Black Entertainment Television) is a big disappointment. The programming on the station is just not up to par. There is not to many programs on B.E.T that I want to see on a regular basis.

I am STILL wondering why they removed the “B.E.T Nightly News” a few years ago hosted by Jackie Reid. I looked forward to the telecast every night. Why they took that program off is beyond me.

Now word is “The Mo’Nique Show” hosted by the comedian/actress may be getting cancelled. The question is  why would B.E.T do that?

If the ratings are not good, then make improvements to make the show better. One of the things they need to do is remove that cat hanging up their on stage with Mo’Nique every program. He even sits on the couch with the guests. Have him at the start and ending of the show and then he can go backstage and chill out.

Also the show needs to have “bigger” stars on the program. A Beyonce or Denzel or Usher or Rihanna or Micheal Jordan or Micheal Vick, hell why not President Obama or Michelle?  That will make the show a better show in my opinion.

B.E.T should not make another terrible move and cut Mo’Nique’s nightly program. Just keep it on the air with a lot of improvements. Will they do that? The answer most likely is no.    Gordon Curvey

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