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Weezy Bans All Alcohol From Tour Bus And Backstage

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I was shocked to read the story I am putting on “Music Inner City News Magazine” right now and that is Lil Wayne banning all alcohol from his tour bus and from backstage at all of his concerts.

This is a good look for Weezy. Of course readers this is something he has to do because if he does the wrong thing as far as alcohol he is going back to jail. A place he does not want to be at.

Here is the thing on Wayne. This cat is a VERY intelligent brotha. I have seen him on “First Take” on ESPN talking sports with Skip Bayless. And he held his own against Bayless. Which is hard to do. Weezy knows about baseball, football and basketball. He keeps up with what is going on. And he know politics too. He is not a dummy.

Weezy is a artist and a good business person too. He has been in the game since he was a teenager. Thing is he is still in his 20’s. He still has a long career ahead of him.

The banning of all alcohol from backstage and his tour bus is great. Hey what about bud? Just a joke!   Gordon Curvey

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