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I Am Worried About The Life Of Bow Wow

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I have been reading stories the last four or five months about a former guest on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV” rapper/actor Bow Wow. And it makes me worried about him and his life.

The above link is about a article that says Bow Wow is happy with his new child and so on but I have also saw other stories about how he is so unhappy.

Even have saw stories about him wanting to to commit suicide. He is a confused young man in my opinion and I am kind of concerned about him.

When you continue to read articles in which he mentions wanting to end his life it makes me worry about him and will he become so unhappy with life he will do it.

One thing for sure he cannot be happy about his rap career. He has not put out any good music in the last few years. In my opinion it was a wrong move to sign with Young Money Records. They had to many other hot acts on it’s roster already.

His movie career has been much better than his music career lately. He says the new child has made him real happy and a new man but I wonder about that. His relationship with his mom is not the best which is not a good look. His mom used to manage him when he was Lil Bow Wow.

So let’s see what the future holds for Bow Wow. I hope he can find TRUE happiness. I don’t want to hear about him committing suicide one day. That would be very very sad.    Gordon Curvey

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