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Does Rihanna Want Chris Brown Back? Maybe So

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We all knew it would happen readers. We knew when the judge lifted the law that said singer Chris Brown can be with fellow singer Rihanna if he wanted to, their would be a chance that Brown and Rihanna might hook up again.

Well rumors are flowing on the net etc that Brown and Rihanna might be seeing each other again. That is a big might be seeing each other.

Keep in mind readers this is the same Chris Brown who beat the hell out of Rihanna. Some of you I know will say “hell no Rihanna don’t go back to this fool” But some will say it is O.K. for them to be in love again.

I feel if Chris Brown and Rihanna love each other, then why not let them be in love. To me it is very obvious that Brown still loves Rihanna and Rihanna still loves Chris. Let them be in love folks.

IF they do get back together I just hope Chris will NEVER EVER put a finger on her again. Just be in love and enjoy each other. Rihanna is a beautiful female and I want the best for her. I wonder how her mentor Jay Z feels about the possible reunion with Chris?

Anyway let’s see what happens readers if Chris Brown and Rihanna will hook up again. Man I can hear Nancy Grace now!! Gordon Curvey

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