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TIRED Of Motor Mouth Black Females On TV!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Last night I watched the first edtion of the VH1 new show “Single Ladies”. The stars of the new show are Lisa Raye and Stacy Dash. The show is produced by former guest on Seattle’s “Music Inner City TV” Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit.

It is ANOTHER show with a motor mouth African American female. This time Lisa Raye. Dash is not a motor mouth on the show. At least not as “loud” as Lisa Raye.

Oh by the way, Lisa wants EVERYONE to say Lisa Raye not Raye or Lisa! So on the program Lisa Raye is a loud mouth sista who ONLY deals with brothas with big cash, big cars and is as handsome as hell in her book. She is that way in real life too.

You can say the same for the motor mouth sistas on “Basketball Wife’s”. On that show sistas are just flat out LOUD. Using the worse language on earth. Snapping their necks from side to side, fingers in the face, and yes fighting takes place.

Here is the problem readers in my opinion. A lot of white folks think this is the way most black ladies act all the time. Loud mouths, cussing etc. It is a huge problem. Why does it have to be this way?

Stacy Dash is much less calmer on “Single Ladies” than Lisa Raye. At least on the first show. Right after “Single Ladies” came “Basketball Wifes” and all hell broke out between the so called ladies. To me it is embarrasing readers.

Of course not all black females are loud and cuss every other word. But if you watch a lot of these shows on VH1 etc you see nothing but motor mouth and loud black females. Something has to change.

If a lot of us complain then things will change. Why not more love stories between a black man and a lady on TV? Where is it? I don’t see it on TV. It needs to happen and happen NOW.

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