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What In The Heck Is Going On With Harvey’s Ex Wife?

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If you go to some of the “urban” sites on the net you most likely have saw a story or two about the situation between comedian and radio and TV host Steve Harvey’s ex wife and current wife. It is real strange.

It started when Harvey’s ex wife Mary putting a series of three You Tube videos out discussing the possible cheating on her with other ladies while they were married.

She went on and spoke out more on You Tube and other outlets. Now Harvey’s current wife, Marjorie is tired of the actions by Mary and wants to sue Mary. I am sorry to say this could get ugly.

Meanwhile, Harvey went on his radio show and said he did not cheat on his ex wife and is

wondering why she is coming out with so called dirt years after they broke up. I totally agee with Steve.

Mary Harvey has come out and said she is broke. In my opinion she is a jealous female who has noticed that Harvey a solid career with a radio show, TV show and has had two best selling books.

Again, as a outsider I don’t understand why Mary Harvey has waited years after she left Harvey to go on You Tube and put Steve on blast. I don’t understand it at all other than one word……jealous.      Gordon Curvey

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