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Toni Braxton May Pose For Playboy Magazine/Why?

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Singer Toni Braxton is thinking about posing for a spread in Playboy Magazine in the coming months. My question is why does she want to do that?

Yes, she is a grown lady and she can do what she wants but I do not understand why she wants to pose in Playboy Magazine. That’s a wrong career move in my opinion. By the way Toni is a former guest on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV” (Pic of Braxton with yours truly to the right).

Does Braxton need the cash that bad? In case you do not know Toni again is having financial problems in her life. This not the first time. But does she need cash that bad readers? I hope she changes her mind and does not pose in Playboy. Their is other things Braxton can do other than that.   Gordon Curvey

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