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T.I. Gets 11 Month Prison Sentence

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Well the news is out and it is not good for Clifford Harris Jr. aka T.I.  The rapper/actor is going back to jail for drug procession.

This cat needs help and needs it badly. T.I. was already on probation for weapons charges and now he is going back to the big house.

Guess he will have plenty of time to grab a pen or pencil and write some songs for the next cd. He has a new cd that was ready to be released. But now who knows what will happen with that.

This story is sad and wrong because T.I. is a intelligent brotha. He got good grades in school as a youngster. He has a family who loves him. But something happened along the way to him and he has spent a lot of time behind bars.

It is sad also because he has children and now he will be away from his kids. He also has a business to run with employees on his payroll. And finally he has millions of fans who look up to him as a entertainer. T.I. is letting all his fans down just like Lil Wayne who is behind bars right now.

So T.I. is going away AGAIN for 11 months. Will this time behind bars FINALLY change him for the good? I just do not know. I have lost hope in T.I. He has let his fans down, his family down, inner city kids down and more. This is a very sad story of a talented young man gone bad.      Gordon Curvey

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