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El DeBarge Is Back And Says His Drug Problem Is Over

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I am so glad that singer El DeBarge is back singing and recording new songs. I have always enjoyed his music and his family DeBarge.

El had and has his own style. When you turn on the radio and hear his voice you know it is El DeBarge. As cut throat as the music industry is, it is great to have your own style and have a unique voice.

Good to see that he has saw the light and hopefully kicked his drug habit to the curb and I hope it stays there so he can provide us with more great El DeBarge music.

Being on drugs can destroy a person and a lot of folks just cannot stop taking drugs. But at 49, El said enough and enough and wants younger artists to look at him as a cat who kicked the habit and is now going back in the studio and performing on stage for his fans.

He knows god gave him a talent. He wants to show his talents again. Good luck to El DeBarge and we look forward to more good music.     Gordon Curvey

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