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Former Guest On “M.I.C-TV” Fantasia Tries Suicide Over A Dude?

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(Just getting back to work……slowly, from my SEVEN day hospital visit here in Seattle for a serious lung operation. I want to thank EVERYONE who has given me prayers and support during my sickness. As for the haters……..oh well. Still have a long way to go to recovery but God willing I am on my way. Because God is good!)

As I slowly get back to work I see that two time guest on “Music Inner City TV” here in Seattle, Fantasia has tried to commit suicide over a fella in North Carolina.

Let me say this readers. I do not want to speculate as to what happened but if you watched her reality show, Fantasia needs two things in my opinion. A hit song and …….love.

She is a very very talented singer but her career has taken a downhill dive in the last few years as far as a hit cd.

I hope she will get her life together soon. She is too young and talented to die over a fella!!! Give me break. Again we don’t know the details so I will take a chill pill as to what really happened.

But I will leave you with this. The last time I interviewed Fantasia, she was in her limo in Miami on her way to gig to perform.

The person who put the interview together was named Mark Weinstein. I say was because Mark committed sucide a few years ago by jumping out a seven floor apartment building to his death. He was having money problems at the time.

God works in strange ways sometime folks. Let’s everyone say a prayer for Fantasia.

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