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Music Inner City News Magazine Bio: Bassrock

A collaboration unlike any other “Bassrock” is a new breed of music groups to come out the West Coast or the Northwest. Combining multiple genres into their music. “Bassrock” has been able to expand and develop their creativity.

Formed in 2009, “Bassrock” was brought together by current member and businessman “Factor”. Looking for new beats and a new fresh style, Factor stumbled upon a young set of aspiring producers and artists and writers by the name of “Cap” and “Chauz” aka “Citystarz” realizing how well they all worked together to make great music.

“Bassrock” began expanding their their talent and began putting on shows around the west coast. Big things are in the horizon for “Bassrock”

Look for “Bassrock” on Seattle’s own “Music Inner City TV/Radio” in the near future. Their new video music video with star Ray J will be seen on the program(s) too!

“Music Inner City TV” is the program others want to emulate and duplicate in the Northwest. We are leaders, not followers and we have been that way for almost two decades!! You already know!

“Music Inner City” continues to be the program that breaks national acts in the Northwest. It is not KUBE93 or other stations, it is “M.I.C-TV/Radio” The Dirty South, East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and Northwest. We play them all on “M.I.C”

We air on Comcast On-Demand 24/7 (music list) all over Western Washington state AND on “Alternative Talk” 1150am KKNW Fridays/10pm in the Seattle area/streams worldwide at Podcasts of our radio shows and original podcasts can be found RIGHT HERE!! Just click “podcast” link above! And webcasts of our TV can be found RIGHT HERE TOO. Just click “Television Show” link above!!

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