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I Think Joe Jackson Is Being Treated Wrong By Family

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“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I continue to read stories about Joe Jackson. The father of the Micheal Jackson and the Jackson family. And it is mostly negative stories.

I think this is wrong folks. Why? Because the main point is this. The Jackson 5 would not be around. MJ would not have had the legendary career he had. Janet would not have had the career she has etc if it wasn’t for Joe Jackson!! PERIOD.

Yes the word is he was very very tough on his kids when they were young. But guess what folks? His “tough love” worked. MJ became a multi millionaire, the Jackson 5 will have money in the bank for the rest of their life on earth etc all because of Joe Jackson.

Some say, MJ had the problems he had as a adult because of the “tough love” starting at age 5 from his dad being tough on him as the most talented member of the family. And he did not have a childhood.

This could be true. And if so, this is truly sad because MJ is no longer here with us. But again, because of Joe Jackson their would not be a MJ or Jackson 5 or Janet. So Joe Jackson’s “tough love” really worked if you really look at it.

Beside MJ, none of his kids have been in trouble with the law correct? This is from a family who grew up in Gary, Indiana. A VERY rough city. I call my show and website INNER CITY. Unlike here in Seattle, Gary has a REAL inner city folks!!

Finally in my opinion, I think it is wrong for MJ to have left his dad off of his will. Wrong. MJ had his reasons. I was not their when MJ was being brought up. But MJ needed to realize that his daddy’s training made him the best entertainer in music history. I feel Joe Jackson should get the money he is asking for.

The man is in his 80’s. He does not have to much time left. $15,000 is PEANUTS to the Jackson’s!! That will not take food out of the MJ’s kids tummy. That is crazy. I hope Joe Jackson will be allowed to get the $15,000. This is “One Man’s Opinion”.

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