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Monique Wins A Golden Globe For Supporting Actress

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“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

As a African American I am very very proud to see that actress/comedian/talk show host Monique won a Golden Globe! It brought a few tears to my eyes for real folks. I am not lying. I was so proud.

Monique is showing the world at the age of 42 how talented she is. I watch her talk show every night on B.E.T. I know her radio show did not last long but her talk is doing well.

She is doing a Arsenio Hall type of show mixed with actors, hip-hop and r&b artists, politicans and much more every night. By the way the show is followed by Wendy Williams and her talk show. Two beautiful and talented black ladies.

Now let’s see if she will win the big one, the Oscar. That would be off the hook u’all!! I think and hope she will win.

I hope African American ladies and males will get more juicy roles in Hollywood. I was real disappointed in watching the Golden Globes pre-shows on E and TV Guide. I like to watch the red carpet stuff.

Why was I disappointed? Because if you watched the shows, you would think African Americans are no shows in Hollywood.

Spike Lee always brings this topic up about Hollywood. Maybe that is why his film about Malcolm X did not win which doggone it, it should have won best picture and best actor should have gone to Denzel Washington.

Anyway congratulations to Monique from “Music Inner City News Magazine”.

Please donate to help the people of Haiti. They are suffering BIG TIME folks. They need our help. Yes many of us are having a very rough time here in the U.S paying our bills etc. I know I am.

But when you watch on TV and see how the folks are suffering it should make you give $1, $2 or $50. Please text “Haiti-90999” I am sure someone in Haiti lying in the streets or in a park with no shoes or water or food will be very very happy.

Please help the people of Haiti everyone!!

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