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Young Jeezy Gave Back To Young Kids At Christmas Time

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“One’s Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I think it is GREAT that rapper Young Jeezy is stepped up and gaveĀ  back to young inner city kids in Atlanta during Xmas time and gave away gifts for kids and families.

He has set up a foundation to help low income folks in the ATL and out of the ATL. He realizes that he is in a position to help and he putting his money from his foundation to work.

So many times we hear of rappers/hip-hop artists and sports figures who happen to be people of color being in the news for negative reasons all the time i.e Tiger, Tip, Lil Wayne, DMX, Gucci Mane, Plaxico Burris, and many others. But when cats do good things like Jeezy, CeCe Sabathia, Tori Hunter, Mary J. Blige, Ray Lewis etc, it is on the back page or something. This is not right.

It needs to be brought out the good things people of color are doing for people. Young Jeezy does not have to do what he is doing. But he doing it because he wants to. That’s a good thing.

We here at “Music Inner City News Magazine” will do as much as we can to bring out the good things people of color are doing in the inner city.

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