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Rihanna Half Naked On Cover Of GQ/Is This A Good Look?

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“One Man’s Opinion” By Gordon Curvey

As you can see singer Rihanna has posed half naked on the cover of GQ. Do you have a problem with that? I do and I will tell you why.

Rihanna has millions of young girls who look up to her as a role model. Since the Chris Brown problems, it seems I have seen a lot of pics with Rihanna dressed kind of wild. Almost like a freak sort of speak.

What is she trying to prove? Now some will say Beyonce at times dresses real sexy etc. But in my opinion Beyonce appearances are not as “wild” as Rihanna.

Plus Beyonce has not been in the news for a real negative story concerning a relationship. No drama between her and Jigga Man (for those who don’t know that’s Jay Z)

Rihanna is still a very young lady. Why does she have to be half naked in GQ? What is the point? What is she trying to prove? I don’t get it readers.

I think she needs to tone it down. You don’t see Keri Henson or other young singers posing half naked in pics do you. You can say, Rihanna wants to devolp her own style as a performer. If so that is great. But again, she needs to remember how many young girls look up to her in the “inner city” and out. Just like young fans of country music look up to the young Taylor Swift.

Chris Brown was flat out wrong for what he did to her, but since then you have not seen Brown dressing or acting crazy. We already know that Rihanna is a very beautiful sista, she does not have to dress half naked in GQ to prove it.

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