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Ludacris: Sex Talk On Stage/Helping Kids & Families Off?

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P.S. Above link is to a story about rapper/actor Ludacris and his kind way of helping families etc. He even has a foundation that he and him mom runs. Helping kids in the inner city.

That is great what his foundation is doing. But having said that how bout this.

While Luda and his mom do great things for kids and families in need, he then gets on stage and raps about what he wants a lady to do to a certain part of his lower body and uses the “f” word and “n” a thousand times during a show.

I say to you readers, what is up with that? Luda wants to call himself a “role model” for what he does in the community etc, but then turns around and uses terrible speech in front of kids!! With plenty of what he wants to do to lady and what he wants a lady to do to him. That happened at this years KUBE 93 Summer Jam. It was a outrage in my opinion. You do that type of performance when kids ARE NOT in the crowd Luda.

When a artist comes on Music Inner City TV I let them know there is no “N” word or “N” word. And on the videos I do not want it there too.

Yo Luda please don’t call yourself a role model unless you tighten up your speech in your performances that has a lot of kids in the audience. That is NOT a role model. Let’s keep it real bro. Gordon Curvey

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